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5 Tips for Winter Garden Maintenance in Hitchin

Knowing how to take proper care of your garden during winter is essential. Gardens need maintenance in the winter to prepare for the upcoming growing season. Winter maintenance helps to protect plants from the elements and keep them healthy. If you want to ensure you keep your garden healthy during the winter months, you should hire a professional to help you with proper garden maintenance in Hitchin.

To help you, here are a few tips for winter garden maintenance. Read on to know more.

Problems your Garden Might Face During the Winter

With the drop in the temperature levels, the hormonal balance in the trees also changes. They become dormant, and their growth gets reduced. During the winter, there will be no new sprouts or leaves around the garden.

Winter is the favourite season for pests. You’ll notice unexpected spider webs, white cottony growths and insects hovering over your plants. This is a common sight during the winter. When you find such issues, make sure you contact a professional for lawn scarification in Hertfordshire.

How to Take Care of your Garden During Winter?

Remove Diseased Leaves

Generally, before winter hits, you must clean up the plants in your garden. Make sure you remove the yellow and dead leaves before snowfall starts. Diseased leaves act as a breeding ground for pests during the winter and should be removed to prevent this.

Clean the Weeds

Weeds are responsible for leaching nutrients away from plants. You need to remove the weeds before the winter arrives to ensure that the plants you want to keep healthy, have access to the nutrients available.

Keep Flowering Plants Separately

If you have many flowering plants in the garden, you should make space between them. This helps the plants to flower beautifully, even during the winter months.

Prepare the Soil

Just before the winter season hits, you must check the soil’s texture, moisture and contents. If the soil lacks nutrients and is dry, the plants will not get enough nutrition during winter. It is important to maintain the condition of the soil even if you think that the winter months will provide enough moisture.

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