Benefits of Having a Maintained Garden – What can it do for both you and your home

Summer is here! After the year we’ve had, it’s now our time to, safely, get out there and get the most out of this summer without the restrictions of lockdown. Truly there’s no better place to enjoy yourself and relax and unwind than in the comfort of your own garden, if you’re lucky enough to have one. However, rightly this year we have been focusing on ourselves rather than our surroundings and not keeping the places around us in the condition that they deserve to be in.

Garden Maintenance is one the most important parts of keeping not only your garden clean and tidy but also good for your mental health (not forgetting there are other health benefits that come with a very well kept garden too.)

Benefits to your mental health

During 2020 and 2021 mental health awareness was arguably at the highest it’s ever been due to the pandemic and lockdowns having negative effects on people’s mental health. Having a well maintained garden can have a positive impact on your mental health; spending some time in the fresh air, with beautiful colours, vibrancy and serenity of the new or improved garden that you will have. 

Feeling proud of the space in which you live in and, in particular, your garden can greatly improve your mental health. Whether you sit in it and read a book or spend some time admiring the flora and fauna, a garden really is a beautiful gift.  

Space for exercise at home

Not just good for your mental health, having a well maintained garden will also have benefits for your physical health. Having a space that is open, clear and with some fresh air (without hordes of people) is perfect for improving your health, and can help you stay fit in an environment that you feel comfortable in.

Working out somewhere that you feel comfortable is much more beneficial than somewhere you don’t. Whether you’re doing yoga or perhaps even a HIIT session in your garden, let a well maintained garden supercharge your activity – the power of nature cannot be disputed!

Adding value to your home

Having a well maintained garden can help to add value onto your property. A vibrant garden with trimmed grass and the right plants and flowers can really help to attract prospective buyers, who will be willing to pay more as they can envision themselves moving straight in and enjoying this beautiful outside space. 

Investing in your garden simply makes sense if you’re looking to move home. It’s the first thing buyers see when they arrive, and the last thing when they leave. 

Benefits to the environment 

Maintaining your garden is not just great for you but also, it’s great for the environment. It’s more important than ever to be protecting the environment around us with the populations of UK wildlife slowly dwindling away. Having a maintained garden will give these animals a little more safety in their lives and provide a sanctuary. Let’s look after our hedgehogs and other wildlife! 

During summer some of the flowers will be in full bloom from spring and will be in their most beautiful state of the year. These are perfect for bees, which are now endangered, which need the flowers for their pollen. 

Somewhere to host family and friends 

This summer there is no better time to rekindle friendships and host your family in a beautifully maintained garden. The plants won’t be the only green thing in the garden, as your friends and family are going to be green with envy! 

Perfect for hosting drinks, barbecues or just a spot of afternoon tea, there’s truly no better time to have your garden maintained than this summer. When the sun is shining and the weather is hot, there is no better place to spend it than in your maintained garden.

If you’d like your garden landscaped or regular garden maintenance and you live in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and surrounding areas, contact the team at Sunshine Gardens today. 

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