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Things to Ask Before Hiring a Gardener for Garden Maintenance

Having a well-maintained outer landscape is the dream of every house owner. It is a nice way to make the property look aesthetic and presentable. To design the garden perfectly, it is important to contact a gardening professional.

Why Hire a Professional Gardener?

You may think that hiring a gardener in Hertfordshire is expensive. This is not true. Though you have to pay their dues, they will offer you work that is worth the investment. Now, the challenge for you would be to select the most suitable gardener among a host of choices.

Important Questions to Ask a Gardener Before Hiring:

To find the best among your available options, you need to strike clear communication. You should ask a lot of questions to learn more about their professional experience and prices. The common questions to ask a gardener are discussed in detail below.

What is your Service Package?

This is an aspect that differentiates specialists from amateurs. A gardener with significant experience in gardening and maintenance will have an array of services to offer their customers. This includes the basic landscaping works to the cleaning of weeds. The services should be divided into packages, so the client can choose among them easily.

Are you Certified?

A certified landscaper will always be the first preference. A certificate from a trustworthy source is recognition of the good work performed by the gardener. You can expect the gardener to provide quality service and modify the garden’s aesthetics. You should follow the same thing when you book a landscaping company. They should have internal training for their staff that equips them with the latest skills and technical assistance.

Are you Covered with Insurance?

This is an important thing to consider when you are employing a gardening company for your work. All of their employees should be equipped with compensation insurance. This enables you to prevent anything from your pocket in case any untoward incident happens in the line of duty. If not, you will be held liable for the accident caused during the work, which will be a tricky situation.

To avoid issues and guarantee quality work, you should ask your gardeners these few questions. For better assistance, you can come to a professional like Sunshine Gardens. We are a 30-year-old company providing the best gardeners in Hertfordshire. We are equipped with modern tools and equipment and can offer several gardening services. For more details, visit our website today.

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